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Rose Breast Cancer Society

Carmelita Pittman, Founder, Rose Breast Cancer Society, a Kernel of Hope

Artist for a Better World

TOPIC:  EDUCATION for the PREVENTION of breast cancer

Most  people  wait  until it is  too late  to  do  anything
about  b.c.    The  epidemic  has  also  continued  to  strike at  least  one  out  of  8  women affected  by  this  dreadful  disease.   
 The Rose Breast Cancer Society is  a  "Living  Memorial"  for  my mother  whose  life  was  cut  short  after  her  4  year  battle  with  breast cancer.     Since  TRBCS  has  been  founded   I  have  learned  so  much  about  WELLNESS.     That of  course  has  a  lot  to  do  with  PREVENTION.     One  reason  our  country has  been in  debt  is  due  to  the  overload  of  people  who  do not  have insurance  who have  preventable  diseases. I  have learned  that one of  the main  causes of  disease  is inflamation which   can  be  linked  to poor  diet.  Most  people  are  overfed  and  undernourished.  People  are  beginning  to  wake  up  to  what is  the real  culprit  to the  source of  a  lot of  their  illnesses.   Unfortunately  the  fast  food  companies  and  manufacturers of  "food  like"  substances  will not  like  that  because  also unfortuntely  their  concern  is  about profit  not  our  health.   Wouldn't  you  think that  if  they had  healthy  customers  that  would  increase   their  bottom line?   There would  be more  people  around  to  buy  their products.
 The only  way  the  food industry  will  change is  when  customers  demand it. We  also  can  vote  with our  dollars , how  we  spend  them.     Unfortunately  Mansanto  and  like  companies  which  are poisoning us  have  unlimited  funds  for propaganda.   Proposition  37  which  would  have  merely informed  customers of  whether or not  they  are ingesting  GMO  products  was  crushed in  defeat  because  the  food  manufacturers  were  spending   millions of   dollars   to  keep people  ignorant.    All  that  was  required  was  simply  labeling  the  products.   The lie  was  that  this  would  raise  the  cost of  the product.   Nonsense.   Labeling  only  expends  a  little  extra  ink  to  say  non-GMO. In  Europe  people  are having  that  choice.  Why  are  we  being  suppressed in America,  the land of  the brave  and  free?   GMO stands  for  genetically  modified organisms  which  are introduced  into the  food  supply.   This is  an  unnatural  process  because  for  example  the  DNA  of  a  fish  can  be  mixed  with that of  an apple  which  in turn  creates  "Franken food".    Tumors  developed  in  rats  as the result of  eating  such  so  called  food.   About  77%  of  our  food  supply  in grocery stores in the  form of processed  food  contains  this  element.  The  safest  food  to eat is  organic.   To  spend  a little more  for  food  that is  not  coated  with pesticides will pay  off in the  long  run.  For  example   if  one  scrubs  an regular  apple  unfortunately  the  poison is  also  INSIDE  the  apple.   Isn't  it  better  to pay  a little more  for  good  food  than  pay  an  even higher  cost  for  a  hospital  bill?  Besides  the  prices  will  be lowered  the more people  demand  organic  fruits  and  vegetables.
     Food is  one  issue.   Another  is  the  quality of  our  environment.  Air  pollution,chem trails  in the  sky,  chemicals  everywhere,  household products, cosmetics, hair products, in  clothing, rugs, bedding.    It is  almost  impossible  to  escape.   But  we  can  be  aware.  We  can  exercise  in the  early morning  when the  air  quality  has not  been polluted by auto  exhaust.   We  can  clean  our  minds  from the  garbage  we  are  fed  daily  from  negative  news reports, the  films  that  promote  profanity  and  violence.  We  can pick up  a  book  and  inform ourselves or  gain  inspiration  from  great  thinkers. We  can  educate  ourselves  to know  what  foods  promote  good  nutrition and not  believe  the  lies  that  we  have  been  fed  all of  our  lives.   Did you know  that wheat  may not  be  your  best  friend  because of  Gluten?  This is  a protein in  wheat  that  may  affect  the  memory and promote obesity.  Some   food  manufacturers  are  at  last  beginning  to  voluntarily  label  their products  Gluten  free.   Can  they  be  trusted?  Who knows.
An  important  tool  for  b.c.  prevention is  Infrared Thermography.   Unlike  other breast  screening technologies  it  does not  wait  for the  cancerous  tumor  to  form.   It is  also  referred  to  as as Digital Infrared Imaging.  The  underlying  scientific  principle  is  that  chemical  and  blood  vessel  activity in  both precancerous  tissue  and  the  area  surrounding  a  developing  breast  cancer is  always higher  than normal  breast  tissue.   An  ever  increasing need  for  nutrients,  cancerous  tumors increase  circulation  to  their  cells  by opening  existing  blood  vessels  and  creating  new  ones  (neoangiogenesis).   This  process  frequently  results in an increase  in regional  surface  temperatures of  the  breast.    Infrared  Thermography   is a  non-invasive,  quick,  FDA  approved,  non-radiation, painless screening to  detect  b.c..   It  is  like  taking  a  photo  with a  special  camera.   This procedure  can  actually  detect  precancerous  conditions  up  to  10  years in  advance  BEFORE    a  tumor  can  develop.    TRBCS  has  worked over  the years  to provide  access from  our  discount  certificates  to  this  service  via  our Honorary  members  such  as  Dr. Darren Clair  and  Cherilyn  Lee,  Phd.  who is famous  as  the  nutritionist  to  the  late  Michael  Jackson.   Dr.  Lee offers  a  low  cost registration  fee  and  FREE   thermography  exam.     She  currently  has  an audio  book  entitled  "Before  I  was  Born"  and  gives  an  acknowledgement  to  TRBCS.   Her  website  is Nutrimedhealthcare.com .
       Although  the  world  is  currently  in  turmoil  and unbalance  by  surface  appearance. WE  as  the  one  drop of  water  can  form  the  ocean  of  higher  consciousness  by connecting  with  the  Source,  most of  us  call  God and return the  world  to balance.   There is  still  so  much  beauty  to  behold.   And  those of us  who  live in the  West  have much  to  enjoy  and  be  grateful  for.  After  returning  from a  trip  overseas years  ago  I  wanted  to kiss  the  ground  when  I  returned.    America  has its  share of woes  , dirty linen and  hateful  forces  but  that  can  be  cured  with LOVE, the most  powerful  weapon in the  world.  Other  countries  still look up  to  us and we  must  lead  by  good  example.   What  kind of  legacy  are  we  building? 
.      We  are entering  a  new dimension.    ENERGY   will  become  the  new  medicine.  This  has  a  connection  with Quantum  Physics.    Individuals  such  as  Eric  Pearl  have  discovered  the key,  our  mind, soul  and  spirit and its  relationship  to a  higher  power.     To  be  well  the  body,  spirit  and mind  must  be in  balance.   
     It is  critical  that  we protect  our  planet  for  the  future of  the  children and  their  children.   To  do  that  EDUCATION  is  vital.   The  evil  forces  want  to keep  everyone  ignorant.   Remember  that knowledge is  power.   The   mission  statement of The Rose Breast Cancer Society  is  "EDUCATION  for  the  PREVENTION and intervention of  breast  cancer".  And  we  connect  this  through  the  ARTS which are  a  healing  force. along  with  knowledge  provided  by benevolent  health  experts.
Blessings,  Carmelita  Pittman